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Pascal Heiduk was born in a harbor city in northern Germany. As the son of a sailor, he traveled the entire world before he was six years old. Full of memories and impressions, he started writing stories as soon as he could hold a pen. When he bought his first camera, he instantly fell in love with the unlimited possibilities of visual storytelling.

His work is characterized by an intimate yet powerful atmosphere. Over the years, he directed an exclusive selection of world stars such as Dino Ferrari, Hugh Jackman, and Lewis Hamilton, to name a few. His authentic style of directing, combined with his contemporary and unique way of storytelling, infuse his films with a compelling aesthetic, connecting the audience on a deeper level. He has received numerous international awards for his work, including the Grand Austrian State Prize.

'Stories are the engines to our imaginations. Films are there to inspire, to wake you up, entertain you, to make you remember and to make you forget.'

Pascal is driven by James Blake, London, The Red Lantern, Bon Iver, Velocity, John Cassavetes, Beautiful Voices, Neo Punk, Iceland, Asian Food, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Big Eyebrows, Blue Bottle, Blue Hour, Leica, Love, Cliff Martinez, People, Airports, Reflections, Kodak Vision 2 500T, Caspar David Friedrich, Bose 700, Friends, Hawk V-Lites, Rain, Roadtrips, Basketball, 2,35:1, Kasper Tuxen, Details, Interview Magazine(s), Jonah Hill, Paris By Night and Clint Mansell.